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About The Company

About The Company

About Forbabs grooming toolsIt started with a single thought – “If this works for me, it might work for others too!” A product was born!


Like many others, I  often came up with ideas or “life hacks” as ways to make daily tasks easier. I would think to myself “this is so great! I should patent this idea!” and then leaving it until the need became strong again, or another great idea bubbled up to take its place.

But this particular problem – static hair from brushing – could not be dismissed. The problem had plagued me for far too long.

Annette Crone ForBabs Founder

ForBabs founder, Annette Crone

The Birth of a New Breed of Hair Brush

Many people ask me: “where did the idea come from?”

And the best explanation I have is my truly relatable story…

Imagine your morning routine is almost complete. Your hair is dry and it is ready for final styling. You run your brush through your hair and you are horrified as you see your reflection in the mirror – hair standing on end like an alien!

And now begins the all-too-familiar process of taming the fly aways caused by static electricity.

Girls, can you feel my frustration!?

Just like you, I’ve battled static electricity in my hair for as long as I can remember. It’s sad that the industry standard for addressing static hair is to use a dryer sheet to tame it. This did the trick, but it wasn’t exactly something to bring out in public if the problem arose. It was also a hassle to carry dryer sheets and hope they wouldn’t be messed up before use.

Then, after years of using the trusty dryer sheet technique, I decided to attach one of these sheets to a brush. Lightbulb moment! Doing this made the brush simpler to use – saving me time and adding convenience to my routine.

Fast-forward to today, and my vision of bringing a safe, affordable, easy-to-use anti-static brush to the market – the X-Static – is finally a reality!

Furry Friends Are Covered Too - Coming Soon!

Being a dog lover, I naturally thought about how I could solve the problem of keeping my Shih-Tzu Sophie smelling clean and fresh. Using a similar concept, I decided to combine pet wipes and a pet brush – FurBabs – which solves hair grooming problems for my entire family!

ForBabs X-Statix Anti Static Hair Brush

What’s in a Name? Why ForBabs?

Many years ago, my cousin started a raw chocolate company and named it ForTina after his grandmother (Tina).  I thought this was such a wonderful tribute – to name a company after someone that played such an important role in your life.

I told my mom, Tina’s sister, that if I ever started another company I would name it ForBabs.

Fast forward to 2015 when I decided to follow my dream and start a company focused on bringing solution based hair grooming products to market.

In honor of my mother Barbara, nicknamed “Babs” by her girlfriends,  my dream has become a reality. Thank you mom for always believing in me and for giving me the confidence to always believe in myself.  With all my heart and soul, this one truly is ForYou!


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