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Annette Crone

Annette Crone

Annette Crone
Entrepreneur Annette Crone is the inventive mind behind X-Static - the world’s first anti-static hairbrush - and the founder of parent company ForBabs. With more than 30 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing, and leadership, Crone has helped successfully launch a variety of products including founding her own medical spa in 2004, and now creating her own line of problem solving brushes for both pets and people!

During periods of extended business travel, Crone continuously battled hair static and fly-aways. This led her to try every available solution, including an old-school hair “hack”: smoothing a dryer sheet over frazzled strands. “I just wasn’t satisfied with any option out there,” she explains. “Dryer sheets felt sterile and awkward, hair static sheets felt far too wet - I knew there had to be a simpler, more effective alternative.” Unable to find the solution she needed, Crone set out to create it for herself.

Today, Crone has developed a more accessible, easy-to-use, and hygienic solution: the X-Static hairbrush designed to banish frizz and fight fly-aways on all hair types, including color-treated styles. Made in the USA by her parent company ForBabs - lovingly named after Crone’s mother, Barbara - the X-Static’s refillable brush heads feature 12 tear-and-toss anti-static sheets that give an instant beauty boost to wet or dry hair.

Having raised three daughters in San Diego, California, Crone brings a lifetime of experience to the task of developing effective hairstyling tools. Firmly believing that life is about taking risks and pushing beyond your comfort zone, she established ForBabs to bring creative ideas to life and help support women-owned businesses like hers.

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