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Anti Frizz Brush

Anti Frizz Brush

anti frizz brush

Have you ever heard of an anti frizz brush? As the name suggests, it is a hair brush that will tame frizzy into smooth, shiny locks. This is a total game changer in the fight agains hair frizziness!

In this article we look at what causes frizzy hair, what can be done to combat the problem and the benefit of using styling tools and products that are designed to be anti-frizz.

What Helps Frizzy Hair?

Hair is made up of three layers but it is the outer layer, or cuticle, that causes frizziness. Imagine that a strand of hair looks like it is covered with shingles. These shingles are layered like on a roof. When the hair is smooth it means that those shingles are lying flat. However, you can disrupt those shingles in different ways, causing them to lift and make the hair appear frizzy.

Frizz is essentially caused by a lack of moisture in the hair. So, to tame frizzy hair, you need to focus on moisture control.


How Do You Get Rid of Frizzy Hair at Home? 5 Top Tips for DIY Banishment of Frizz!

1. Rehydrate your hair by using products such as serum or frizz-control cream.  You can also use oil in your hair. Stick to natural oils such as coconut or Argan. They will work more effectively than synthetic oils because the hair easily absorbs them.  Synthetic moisturizers, such as ones that contain silicone, actually sit on top of the hair, making it look dirty and oily.

2. If you don’t have any serum handy and you want to smooth down your hair, use water.  Try wetting your hands under the tap and then running your fingers through you hair to comb out tangles and flatten frizz.

3. Next time you’re at the drug store, pick up a bottle of children’s hair detangling spray. Spritz a little onto your palms and finger and smooth down your hair.

3. Make your own smoothing spray by watering down a little hair conditioner.   Apply to your hands and finger comb your strands.

4. Use products that contain ingredients great for managing frizz. For example, conditioners that have protein in their formulations will not only fight frizz but also add shine and strength to your hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Frizzy hair

Most hair experts agree that the number one rule to avoid your hair becoming frizzy is to not brush it too much once it is dry. This is because over brushing not only disrupts your hair’s cuticle, it can also stretch and break the hair.

The best type of general hair brush is one made with natural boar bristles. It is good on almost any hair type. The bristles actually help to distribute your scalp’s natural oils down the hair shaft. In addition, boar bristles are flexible, so they won’t snag or break hair.

Another option, particularly if you have long, straight, thick hair, is a a paddle brush. As they are flat they make a great styling tools for smoothing down any frizziness and also removing static..

Invest in a Good Quality Anti Frizz Brush

The X-Static is a revolutionary new hair brush that combats frizz with the use of special anti-static tearaway sheets. These sheets fit over the bristles of the anti frizz brush. As you brush your hair, the sheets remove static electricity.

Another benefit of these disposable sheets is that as you remove them, the loose hairs, oil, products buildup and dust as removed from the brush at the same time.


Find out more about the ForBabs X-Static anti frizz hair brush here and sign up to be kept in the loop for the brush’s official launch.



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