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Dish soap, a toothbrush, gelatin, and an anti static brush: could these unusual items really be your next set of go-to supplies for ridiculously healthy, shiny hair?


Good hair day, bad hair day, hair down day, hair up day. This may sound like the start of a Dr. Suess book, but it also describes the thought processes most people go through at the start of each day. Hair has been described as “the crown you never take off,” and while sometimes it cooperates, other times it behaves like an insolent child. Find out how a t-shirt, gelatin, a toothbrush, and an anti static brush can resurrect your hair.

Tame Flyaway Hair, Baby Hairs, And Cowlicks with A Toothbrush

Let’s start with the toothbrush. For this trick, you’ll need a new toothbrush – one that is most definitely not to be confused with your everyday, teeth-cleaning toothbrush! – and an aerosol can of hairspray.

If you’ve got a spare, inexpensive toothbrush lying around, perfect. But perhaps you normally use an electric toothbrush so you’re looking to buy a regular toothbrush to try out this trick: in that case, we suggest a small, toddler-sized toothbrush with soft bristles.

The trick is simple: spray some hairspray directly on the toothbrush, and run it over your hair to smooth flyaway hair, wrestle cowlicks into submission, and put annoying baby hairs back in their place.

With this method, you’ll use only a fraction of the hairspray that you normally would, and it certainly beats coating your entire scalp with hairspray simply to beat a few wayward hairs into submission.

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Ward Off Chlorine Damage with Conditioner

Chlorine can seriously mess with your hair. Blonde or highlighted hair can turn a nasty shade of green, while hair of any color will lose condition and become dry and brittle after exposure to chlorine. Unless you’re willing to go full 1920s style and wear a glorified bathing cap in the pool, your hair will be at the mercy of chlorine.

The next time you’re getting ready for a dip in a chlorinated pool, take a simple precaution that will protect your hair from the nasty effects of chlorine. Step into the shower and completely wet your hair, then run a good-quality conditioner through your hair from roots to tips. Instead of washing out the conditioner as you normally would, leave it in while you’re in the pool.

The conditioner will act as a barrier, protecting your hair from the chlorinated water. Soaked with clean water and conditioner, your hair won’t be able to absorb any additional water. Plus, the conditioner will have plenty of time to work its magic.

Once you’re finished in the pool, completely wash out the conditioner, brush your hair with an anti static brush, and you’re done. Crisis averted, and extra conditioning time added.

Banish Static the Easy Way: with an Anti Static Brush

If you’re ever suffered from hair static (who hasn’t?) you’ve probably heard the dryer sheet beauty hack. In case you haven’t, the advice is to rub a dryer sheet on your hair to neutralize static and tame your flyaway hairs.

Does this work? Undoubtedly. Will it make you look strange? Absolutely. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t disappear into the bathroom to rub dryer sheets through your hair (but not too much, or you’ll smell like fresh laundry!), or you could take the easier – and much more socially friendly – way of using an anti static brush.

The X-Static anti static hair brush is the only hairbrush of its kind to feature refillable, tear-away sheets that – like dryer sheets – neutralize the static charge in your hair, smoothing flyaways and restoring your normal sleek, shiny look.

The beauty of the X-Static anti static hair brush is, of course, that it looks and acts like a regular hair brush, making it perfectly acceptable to use anywhere and at any time without having to excuse yourself to the bathroom with a packet of dryer sheets.

Dry Your Hair with A T-Shirt, Not A Towel

Speaking of static hair, another way to ward of frizz and flyaways is to stop drying your hair with a normal towel and use a cotton t-shirt instead. Static is caused by friction, and nothing creates friction quite like a brusque rub with a towel on wet hair.

Cotton t-shirts, on the other hand, absorb water without causing friction. Swab your normally brusque rub with a squeeze technique, and follow up with a blast of cool air from your hairdryer on its lowest setting, finished with a once-over with your anti static brush.

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Sleep Your Way to Shiny Hair

Just as friction caused by a towel can damage your hair, causing flyaways and frizziness, so to can your normal pillowcase.

Given that the fabric of your pillowcase is in contact with your hair (and, if you’re a light sleeper, being rubbed against it as you toss and turn) all night long, it makes sense to choose only the best pillowcase for your hair.

And as it turns out, silk is the answer. Your hair will slide over the satiny fibers of a silk pillowcase rather than rubbing against it, causing friction and hair breakages.

Add Volume with Gelatin

Suffering from lackluster or thin hair? Here’s a way to add even more oomph to your thickening shampoo – add a few teaspoons of gelatin to your shampoo to increase the effect.

That’s right: the same ingredient that causes otherwise green water to solidify in to wobbly Jell-O overnight can also boost and thicken your otherwise lackluster hair.

So there you have it: all your hair problems solved with a cotton t-shirt, a toddler toothbrush, and of course an anti static brush.

Find out more about the X-Static anti static brush, or learn what we’ve got in mind to make your pet’s coat shiny and silky-smooth too!


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