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With so many different dog and cat breeds and each having its own unique hair type, it can seem like finding the best grooming brush for your pet is an impossible task. Now, meet the best dog brush that doubles as the best cat brush: for any type of pet hair!


For most pet owners, our animals are important members of the family. So of course, keeping dogs and cats happy and healthy is a top priority. Since our feline and canine companions tend to be covered head to toe in hair or fur (with a few notable breeds), part of a pet owner’s responsibility includes keeping their coat clean and well maintained. That’s where the search for the best grooming brush comes in.

What is The Best Grooming Brush for Your Pet?

A visit to the pet store or chain discount store will reveal that there are so many different types of grooming brushes on the market.  There are combs, brushes, and grooming gloves, just to name a few. Each one promises to be the number one grooming brush for a dog or cat, but can one brush work on all animals?

Different Dog Grooming Brush Types

The type of dog grooming brush you choose depends on the type of hair or fur that particular breed has. For example, bristle brushes come in different lengths of bristle and space between them to suit long or short-haired dots.

For a short-hair dog, you should use a brush with short bristles that are set close together. With a longer coat, find a brush with longer bristles that are widely spaced.

What is the Best Cat Brush and Best Dog Grooming Brush?

The answer is the FurBabs pet brush! The push to create a pet grooming brush actually came from the interest and success of the ForBabs X-Static Hair Brush. 

The human version anti static hair brush came to be when the team at ForBabs realized that there was a gap in the market for a hygienic anti static hairbrush that actually worked, and that didn’t soon become dirty and unusable. After a lot of research and development, trial and error, the X-Static was created, and it has revolutionized hair care for people of all ages and all hair types, particularly those who suffer from dry, frizzy, or flyaway hair.

The Search for The Best Grooming Brush for Your Pet

“Can I Use My ForBabs X-Static Anti Static Hair Brush on My Pet?”

This was a question that was put to ForBabs a number of times because the idea behind a brush that could tame hair and be super hygienic at the same time was so genius.

ForBabs decided to use the same technology found in the ForBabs X-Static hair brush and created the FurBabs pet grooming brush. It is the world’s first pet brush that features refillable tear-away sheets. It certainly offers an all-in-one solution to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean through brushing.

What Makes the FurBabs the Best Grooming Brush?

It has got to be the refillable, tearaway sheets. All hair brushes get dirty from regular use. The bristles and base collect old hair, oil, dust, and dirt.

The disposable sheets on the FurBabs prevents the buildup of hair and dirt on the brush itself and as you remove the sheets, the bristles are also cleaned.

How Do I Get My Hands on One of These Brushes?

You can pre order the best grooming brush you will ever use for your cat or dog now and also sign up for newsletters and updates.

Other Tips for A Healthy, Shiny Animal Coat

Now that you’ve finally found the best grooming brush for your dog or cat check out these bonus tips for proper care for your pet’s coat.

Now you've finally found the best grooming brush for your dog or cat.
  • Using a shampoo with an oatmeal base is an inexpensive, natural way to help pets with sensitive skin. If your dog is scratching more than usual check for fleas first. If it’s all clear, then switching to an oatmeal based dog shampoo could solve the problem. Always make sure the shampoo is made specifically for dogs as human shampoo can further irritate their skin.
  • Fish oil is a fantastic all-round supplement. It helps to maintain your cat or dog’s joint health and can make your pet’s hair and skin.
  • Take care when washing your pet’s face when bathing them. Wet a washcloth and gently wipe around your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, and inside their ears.
  • Not only is matted hair unsightly, it is be extremely uncomfortable and painful for your pet. As the hair becomes matted hair it also pulls on the animal’s skin. A common area for mats and tangles to form is behind the ears or, for long-haired breeds, between their toes. Always check these areas during grooming and carefully comb out knots or cut out mats that are starting to form.


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