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ForBabs are the proud creators of the X-Static ForWomen – the first and only anti static hair brush of its kind to feature removable, replaceable infused sheets that not only remove the static from your hair, but also keep your hair brush fresh and clean. The X-Static ForWomen truly is the best hair brush for anyone looking for a new hair brush to solve their frizzy hair problems.

The Best Hair Brush to Ward Off Bad Hair Days

Why do people have bad hair days? Does it come down to heat and humidity, the way you slept the night before, or is it just a combination of bad luck and even worse timing?

In a recent poll of 1,000 adults in the U.K., more than 48 percent of respondents attributed a bad hair day to little more than getting out of the wrong side of the bed or, in other words, bad luck and bad timing. But is that really the case?

While humidity can certainly play a part in making your hair an unruly tangle first thing in the morning, there are other factors that can greatly influence how manageable your hair is on any given day.

Tackling Unmanageable Hair with A Healthy Diet

The Best Hair Brush to Ward Off Bad Hair Days

Hair is a living, growing part of ourselves, so it makes sense that the food we put in our bodies has a direct influence on the quality of our hair. A diet lacking in nutrients will inevitably cause your hair to lack the shine and volume that most people crave.

Not only will a generally healthy diet promote good hair growth and healthy locks, there are a few foods in particular that will strengthen your hair and even stimulate hair growth: fish, bananas, spinach, and eggs.

Given that hair typically grows by half an inch every four to six weeks, it will take less than six months for your hair to look and feel noticeably different if you make the decision to change your diet now.

Keratin and Humidity: An Unfortunate Combination

Keratin is a catch-word that can often be found on hair treatment bottles and salon brand shampoos and conditioners, but what is keratin, and how does it relate to your hair?

Keratin is the term for the protein inside your hair follicles that gives your hair its unique structure. Humid weather causes the keratin in your hair to break down, leading your individual hairs to swell up and giving your hair and overall frizzy look: not the kind of look anyone wants.

That explains why hair can become frizzy and unmanageable during humidity, but why can the same thing happen during dryer weather? And what is the best hair brush to tackle frizzy hair?

Keratin and Humidity An Unfortunate Combination

Unfortunately, frizzy hair doesn’t just occur when the weather is humid. Even cold, dry air can cause havoc with your hairdo, as the cold air combined with dry heat typically caused by indoor heating can strip the air of its moisture causing static in the air and, unfortunately, static in your hair.

And we all know that static causes unsightly frizzy, flyaway hair.

The Best Hair Brush to Keep Frizzy Hair at Bay

Now we know that frizzy hair can be caused by a poor diet up to six months in arrears, as well as humidity, and cold air combined with indoor heating. For most people, that doesn’t bode well for shiny, luscious locks!

Luckily, ForBabs have solved the problem of frizzy hair for everyone, no matter your hair type or hair length. The X-Static ForWomen, a new hair brush on the market, is the only anti static hair brush of its kind that removes static from your hair, while also keeping itself clean by way of removable infused sheets.



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